Nybogaards history

The history of Nybogaard can be traced all the way back to 1688 but the first ties of the estate to the shipping industry were established in 1795 when the new owner, Arthur Howden from Elsinore, was the first person to be granted a royal deed to this beautiful and undulated land.



Arthur Howden

Englishman Arthur Howden probably never imagined that his land would one day become one of the most challenging golf courses in North Zealand, nor that his beautiful estate would provide the framework for such an inspiring golf environment as Simon’s Golf Club.

Arthur Howden was a shipbroker by profession, and he conducted his business at Helsingør. Nybogaard’s ties to the shipping industry were re-established on August 1, 1987, when Mr. Arne Simonsen purchased Nybogaard and Ladehøjgaard.

From agricultural land to golf club

1795 -1987

Nybogaard had a number of different owners from 1795 until 1987. Even though most of the owners have been professional businessman like Arthur Howden and Arne Simonsen, the land has always been used for agricultural purposes.

Since Arne Simonsen acquired the estate it has undergone a total restoration, aimed at keeping the interior design and style in line with the elegant exterior of the Manor House.